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Rob Wilson

Director, Producer

dga, wga

Rob Wilson has made his living as a writer, producer and director in Los Angeles, winning the Emmy, Cable ACE, Humanitas, CINE Golden Eagle, Media Access, New Media  and other awards for his diverse body of work.  He has been a  DGA director and WGA Writer of primetime programming for Disney, Discovery, Group W, ABC, NBC,  MTV, and PBS, and optioned dozens of projects as an independent producer.  He is a member of both the Writers and Directors Guilds of America.


Rob is a graduate of Stanford University (BA Communications/Psychology), the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism in the City of New York (MS Journalism), and a Fellow of the Center for Advanced Film Studies at the American Film Institute. He studied acting with Joanne Linville and Judith Weston. 


As a Journalist, Rob’s work has covered a wide gamut of fascinating subjects and taken him to far-flung locations around the globe.   He has reported first-hand and undercover on crime and criminal justice, venturing into the nation’s prisons and jails, uncovering corruption and injustice for Ford Foundation-funded publications.  His documentary work has included investigating corruption in police departments, international Chinese gang networks, Latin American revolutions, the death penalty, treatment of mentally ill offenders, prison rape, the use of cancer-causing herbicides over populated areas, and the battle for LGBT rights.  He has tackled complex subjects such as data encryption, technology versus privacy, the politics of persuasion, high-tech medical breakthroughs, computer graphics and 3D Technology (recently winning theNew Media Film Festival award for his work as Story Producer on "Digital Darkroom: The Art of 3D").


Rob has worked in numerous capacities on hundreds of broadcast programs, as producer, writer, director and most recently story producer for 14 documentaries and dozens of shorts for the Annenberg Space for Photography.  For a full list of Rob's work, please refer to the resumé.


As a screenwriter, Rob has had properties optioned by CBS, Universal Pictures, Jersey Films, Anonymous Content and ITC Productions.  He has produced and/or directed pilots for NBC Productions, Turner, Variety TV and created experimental interactive content for the Internet in partnership with Cisco, Microsoft, Panasonic, Christie Digital Systems and Electrosonic Corporation.  


Most recently, Rob directed a short demo for a limited series project, "ProvinceLands," and completed a political action thriller, "The Consul General's Wife," which is currently in development at Unauthorized Films.  He is also the Director and Co-Producer of the podcast,, as well as creating content with partner Julian G. Simmons for the new interactive family crisis intervention site, FAMILYNATION.COM.

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