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            In 1993, the Senate was holding hearings over a proposal to lift the ban on LGBT Americans serving in the military.  The Religious Right (an anonymous group called only "The Report") distributed a  nasty propaganda piece called "The Gay Agenda"  An editor where the video was produced snuck a copy out and gathered a group of LGBT journalists and media professionals to view it.  We were infuriated.   We agreed to combine our skills and resources and produce a video of our own.  But rather than vilifying our adversaries, we chose to put together a dignified response to the biased Senate hearings.  This is that video, newly restored and given an introduction by Julian Simmons, one of the original producers and now a voice actor and host of the podcast "talkin' 'bout Our Generation." Notably, unlike the anonymous people behind "The Report," everyone who worked on the film, LGBT as well as their many straight supporters, worked for free, and all wanted their names in the credits.


      "To Support and Defend" is extremely relevant today, 27 years later, as the Trump Administration has banned Transgender people the right to fight and die to defend their country.  



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